“2023 Latest” Are there any brand shops in Nagano? What shops do you recommend?

There are no directly managed brand shops such as Louis Vuitton or Hermes in Nagano. Instead, there are brand shops in the sense that they collect and sell many brand products.
Brand shops in Nagano City are mainly brand specialty shops like our shop (import brand boutique SOPHIA) or recycle shops. Many of you may have seen used brand products in one of the recycle shops.
In this article, we would like to introduce you to the kind of sales that take place in brand boutiques (specialised shops) rather than recycle shops. Please have a look at the various services they offer to fulfil customers’ requests as well as the elimination of fake goods.

Brand shops (specialised shops) can provide new, used and rare items!

As a brand shop (specialist retailer), we carry second-hand and new, current and discontinued products. We sometimes receive rare items that you cannot find in the brand’s directly-owned shops. We can also order items that are not in stock, and can provide items that meet your budget, product condition and other requirements.

3 services available only as a brand shop (specialty store)

1. Sales of ‘genuine’ products based on reliable appraisals

We only deal in “genuine” products. Today, the distribution of elaborate fakes is making authentication more and more important, so that customers can enjoy shopping with peace of mind, Sophia’s experienced appraisers thoroughly check the authenticity of our products based on strict criteria. Because we are a shop specialising in brands, we want our customers to feel secure in using our shop, and we are committed to eliminating fake products.

“Eradicate fakes!” We are a member of the ATF National Pawnbrokers and Branded Goods Association

The ATF is an association dedicated to eliminating counterfeit brand goods from pawnshops’ sales. Member pawnbrokers work together to research and exchange information in order to eliminate counterfeit brand goods. ‘ATF’ stands for Anti Trading Fakes – ‘no counterfeit goods in circulation’. Our dedicated appraisers are committed to regular workshops and research at the association. Therefore, all our products have passed strict criteria.

2. Products tailored to customer requirements.

We will guide you to the best product for your needs and concerns. ‘It’s expensive, so I don’t want to make a mistake’, ‘What are the trends?’ How easy is it to use?” Please feel free to tell us about any concerns you may have. We will suggest the most suitable products for you based on the characteristics of the product, the material and the feel of the product.

We can also suggest products according to your budget. We have a wide range of products in a wide price range, from luxury products to products that are perfect for everyday use, so we can suggest products that match your budget and usage scenario.

3. Many brands handled

Find your favourites from a large number of brand-name products, including famous brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermès. You can also take a look at the size and condition of the products, which is difficult to check in online shops, and purchase them.

Brand new and used because it’s a brand shop (specialist shop).

①Brand new

We sell new products purchased directly by local buyers such as France.


We carry a wide variety of items, from unused items in good condition to items at surprisingly low prices.
However, there are many customers who are reluctant to buy used items. The value of branded products increases because they are produced in small quantities. It often happens that the product you want is out of print or sold out at retail stores. That is why there is a high demand for used items.

Also, even used items are expensive purchases. In order to ensure that our customers are satisfied and love our branded products without any hesitation, it is essential that we maintain our products. Through our daily efforts, we strive to sell beautiful used items.

What if the store doesn’t have the product you want?


It is also possible to order.
Please let us know your budget and desired condition.

For example… I want to buy the same item that I have been using for many years, but it is already out of print.

If you use your favorite branded items for many years, do you ever notice that they deteriorate and start to look and feel bad? When you look for your favorite items to buy again, most of the time they are out of print. There may be many cases where you don’t see it because it doesn’t suit your budget or level.

At Sofia, we use our unique channels to search for items that are difficult to find on the general market, in accordance with our customers’ needs. Depending on your budget, you can search for both new and used items.

For example… I bought a fake item on a flea market site! ?

In recent years, flea market sites such as Mercari
People who buy fake branded products are more likely to

I want to return it, but I can’t decide if it’s fake or real…
In such cases, we recommend having the item appraised at a pawn shop or brand shop.

After that, based on the “results of the appraisal at the brand shop”,
Exchanges such as returns should be smooth.
(*Please note that each store has its own purchasing standards.

Even if the purchase is refused, it may not necessarily mean that the item is a fake.
There are many stores that won’t tell you it’s fake. Let’s explain the situation and try to find out.)

You can find the real thing at a brand shop!

If you want the same product after returning a fake item,
Please feel free to contact our store.
We can also order products that are not available in our store.
“Genuine” in a similar price range
We can also search and make suggestions.

I want to wrap my presents in the same way as those at brand-owned stores.

Wrapping is an important element that affects the first impression of a gift. Wrapping at a brand-owned store brings out the brand’s worldview and style, further increasing the value of the gift. At our store, we are able to create beautiful wrappings that are the same as those available at brand-owned stores, according to customer requests. Wouldn’t you like to brighten up a gift for your loved one by wrapping it just like you would at a brand-owned store?

Enjoy full service at our brand specialty shop!

How was it? There are no directly managed brand shops in Nagano City, but if you are a specialty shop that handles multiple high-end brands, you will be provided with a full range of services that are not available at directly managed stores. Please leave it to our store.

Brand shops in Nagano City
Information on “import brand boutique SOPHIA”

インポートブランドブティック ソフィア外観

Sophia is a sister store to Yorozuya Pawnshop, a long-established store that has been in business for about 90 years. We contribute to our customers with the experience and achievements we have cultivated over many years!

Address: 2261-1 Gondocho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
Phone: 026-232-5722
Business hours: 10:30-18:00
Pawnshop license number: Nagano Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 481010700068
Antique dealer license number: Nagano Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 481010700067

I received these words!

Contributor:Mr. ma*****
I asked them to sell me a Louis Vuitton bag, but they explained it to me in detail and I was able to sell it at a price I was satisfied with. As it is a specialty store specializing in branded products, I felt that they had a wealth of knowledge. Also, the products on display at the store are said to be mainly second-hand items, but they all look brand new, so it doesn’t feel like a thrift store, so I was impressed.

I often go to this unusual brand specialty store. I don’t know much about the latest brand products, so Sophia teaches me a lot. The staff are very nice, so feel free to come in.

I bought a Louis Vuitton bag. It was a souvenir bag I bought on my honeymoon, and I was hesitant to buy it because it was too worn out, but I was told that it could be repaired. This store was the only one that suggested a method other than selling, so I was happy about that. I am very satisfied with the purchase price. I’ll visit you again.

We will give you a parking ticket with your reservation.


Those who make a reservation at our store will receive a parking ticket (2 hours worth of Nishizawa parking).We are often used by customers from Nakano City, Suzaka City, and Chikuma City.

Inquiries / requests regarding brand shops

01. By phone

02.For LINE

Please register using the button above and contact us via LINE phone/talk.

We also sell it at our online shop!

We are also selling on Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, and Yahoo Auctions, so please take a look. We sell brand name items, luxury watches, jewelry, and more every day!


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